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A team of young entrepreneurs, fans of good food, with more than 15 years’ experience in the food export and food product marketing sector, are embarking on the new adventure of offering the flavour that our country has to offer through its gastronomic gems.

We are the extension of a network of companies that produce high quality products, with first class raw materials, handmade and with all the care put into their production, resulting in an explosion of flavour on the end customer’s table. We bring Spanish Gourmet products to every corner of the world through distributors, importers, etc.

El Ocho Gourmet

Our name, “El Ocho”, accentuates the values of our company, such as passion, success and fortune, which are reflected in each of our products, enriching the user’s experience.

We are proud to work closely with a wide range of suppliers, carefully selecting exceptional gourmet products that delight the most demanding palates.

We operate as a strategic extension of the export departments of various companies, collaborating closely to facilitate their incursion into new markets.

With “El Ocho Gourmet”, we not only offer food of exceptional quality, but also a platform for the growth and global expansion of our suppliers. Our passion for culinary excellence and our commitment to customer satisfaction drive us to continue innovating and seeking new ways to bring the best of Spanish gastronomy to the world.

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